How an automation engineer migrates to Google Music

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I recently posted on Facebook that I was ditching Facebook and all of the apps dependent on it. While Spotify isn’t inherently dependent on it, I also wanted the opportunity to use Google Music for some of my favorite podcasts. Thus, I made the decision that Spotify was going down too.

Migrating from Spotify to Google Play Music is already kind of a difficult task. I’ve had years of being on Spotify, to the point where I have 850 tracks on playlists and my library. I wanted a way to move my playlists I’ve built over the years over to Google Music. I found a service called Soundiiz that performs a very nifty function at a price of $4.95. It matches Spotify tracks to Google Play tracks and copies your playlist over. Unfortunately, I found that this only worked for playlists and not my music library. Thus, I took things into my own hands.

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