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A Big Thank You


I owe everyone a tremendous debt of gratitude. I’ve been posting on this blog for quite some time. I’ve made some transitions from Ghost, to Wordpress, and now to Jekyll. In that time I also tried out some SaaS platforms like Medium and Blogger but I’d rather not remember those times. Thus, you see the articles that are on my current blog - I’ve lost a lot but I’ve gained a lot. Just like myself my blog had to evolve over time. One thing has remained fairly consistent though: why I write.

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S3 Bucket Security and Best Practices

Tutorials  Security AWS S3

In this write up I explore some of the intricacies of Amazon S3's permission matrix. I go over best practices, ACL's, Policies, KMS, and Server Side Encryption. Read on for more!

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Docker and Docker-Compose for the developing mind

Tutorials  Docker Docker-Compose

Introducing docker and docker-compose to developers for developing powerful local development environments and easy to deploy production environments.

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Docker commands every dev should know

Tutorials  Docker

Docker is a really awesome containerization platform. It dutifully simplifies LXC (Linux Containers) and enables developers to develop faster. That said, at times Docker can be a tad confusing and things can get out of hand quickly if you’re not up to speed on your docker commands. These are all commands that I keep up to date on my GitHub gists page for docker, so I use them regularly as well.

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Pointers in Go

Tutorials  Go-lang Pointers Programming

I've been learning Go recently and I've been having some issues solidifying my understanding of pointers, so I thought I'd write a quick blog post explaining what I've learned and how to easily understand it. Click the title to read on!

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