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Testing Jekyll with Travis CI

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I've finally settled with the fact that Jekyll is going to be my mainstay for a while. It's got a lot of features I like some of which are subsequent to being a static site generator, others being thoughtful implementations.

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Taking Security a Step Further with VPC Endpoints

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Ever since I wrote S3 Bucket Security and Best Practices I’ve been playing with how to extend security within a given AWS account.

Policies and KMS are great but to me assurance comes in threes. That said I don’t see VPC Endpoints discussed very much when people are talking about S3 Bucket Security, especially for something that’s served over a public API!

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High Availability

Variations in High Availability

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High availability is a term thrown around quite a bit these days. Many professionals conflate high availability with the idea of a theoretical 100% availability. I'll be the barer of bad news in saying such a thing rarely exists, is even harder/more expensive to obtain, and often not worth it. Rather, I encourage teams to identify what high availability means to them. This article will be an exercise in exactly that.

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A Big Thank You


I owe everyone a tremendous debt of gratitude. I’ve been posting on this blog for quite some time. I’ve made some transitions from Ghost, to Wordpress, and now to Jekyll. In that time I also tried out some SaaS platforms like Medium and Blogger but I’d rather not remember those times. Thus, you see the articles that are on my current blog - I’ve lost a lot but I’ve gained a lot. Just like myself my blog had to evolve over time. One thing has remained fairly consistent though: why I write.

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S3 Bucket Security and Best Practices

Tutorials  Security AWS S3

In this write up I explore some of the intricacies of Amazon S3's permission matrix. I go over best practices, ACL's, Policies, KMS, and Server Side Encryption. Read on for more!

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