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Basic Ubuntu Security

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Especially in 2017 everyone should be concerned about security. You don’t need to be a genius or completely paranoid in order to avoid most potentially compromising situations. Follow these instructions and you’ll have a basic understanding of what it is to secure your brand new, vanilla Ubuntu server. That said, if you use the web or have a publicly accessible service then there is always a chance you will be compromised. You cannot predict application patches with vulnerabilities or the colorful attempts a hacker that is specifically targeting you may employ. You may simply prep with your best effort. Let’s begin!

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Starting a Career in DevOps


A few years ago I got out of the military as a radio technician, but before I got out I had a ominous conversation with a long time friend explaining that I thought the future of an IT career lied in a mix of systems, programming and virtualization. At the time I really knew nothing about virtualization, had really only web and some Perl/Python experience and a life long love of Linux. Since then, my experience has turned it into a beautiful well-rounded career that’s only growing.

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