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Why what Trustico did is so bad


If you haven’t heard, last Wednesday it was revealed that Trustico, a large reseller of TLS certificates, violated customer trust by emailing another reseller 23,000 of their customer private keys. That’s really the gist of what they did, what these articles don’t really cover is the underlying reasons why this is directly bad and why what it means is even worse.

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DevOps and SRE in the Enterprise

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At start ups we have the luxury of starting from the ground up. Philosophical and cultural revolutions are always easier to consider when simply nothing exists. This is a common complaint of large enterprises when they examine DevOps, SRE, or Production Engineering for their own organizations. Subsequently they end up morphing the core beliefs of those philosophies to fit their existing culture. While this can be done it really results in a lot of confusion and frustration especially at the ground level where, in the aforementioned disciplines, most of the work and decision making takes place.

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Using return values inside CloudFormation UserData

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I’ve been working on a project that uses CloudFormation exclusively, so I don’t get to do variable interpolation with return values that’s as simple as Terraform makes it. Thus, I’ve had to do some improvising when generating files based off my infrastructure orchestration. Unfortunately CloudFormation is not as versatile as AWS would like you to believe, though it does constantly improve. One of the things I really like having is the ability to drop some return values in my UserData that’s based on my infrastructure orchestration.

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Testing Jekyll with Travis CI

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I’ve finally settled with the fact that Jekyll is going to be my mainstay for a while. It’s got a lot of features I like some of which are subsequent to being a static site generator, others being thoughtful implementations. Here’s a few highlights: Kramdown. If you haven’t heard of Kramdown, it’s like normal markup language on steroids. It gave me a lot of bootstrap-esque features I liked, like notifications.

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