About Me

I’m a software developer with a strong systems engineering background. My career is mainly about making distributed systems and people work together and constantly enhancing developer workflow. My favorite language is Python 3, however, Go is quickly climbing the ranks. You can catch me around Dallas/Fort Worth at meet ups, conferences, and the like.

I remain rather unopinionated on my selection of tools, ie: Jenkins vs Concourse, Kubernetes vs Nomad/Docker Swarm/Mesos. I’m a strong believer that tools do not make the application, rather application of the tools make the application and there’s always a right tool for the job - if there isn’t; make it!

In my off time I’m either coding, building workshops, playing with Linux, working on home automation, or DIY projects to make my home better. I have a dog named Peach who loves the outdoors, you can catch her trying to assault you with love (She’s big and doesn’t know her own strength.)

I’m currently employed as the Director of Software Engineering at Capstone Metering. We build smart IOT devices to help solve problems in the municipal space. This blog contains a lot of our forays into distributed systems, microservices, and lately growing engineering culture. If you’d like me to give a talk, be part of a panel, or run a workshop on anything Site Reliability Engineering, developer workflows, and/or distributed systems then I’m always interested.

I always appreciate feedback on my posts or comments. You can catch me on Slack, IRC, or any of the social media platforms to the right. As always, thanks for reading!

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