Yeah, that's meMatt Ouille Site Reliability Engineer A software engineer focused on infrastructure automation, Linux, and service reliability.

About Me

I’m a writer, software engineer, and systems engineer who has primarily worked at software first up-start companies. I’ve been writing code casually since I was about nine or ten and my first Linux server went up around then too.

I work mostly in automation software as a Site Reliability Engineer. I have a big love for the Linux, open source ecosystems, and solving problems in a simple and predictable manner. I use that love and my passion for my career and the tenants of SRE as a catalyst for sharing of knowledge around the DFW Metroplex as a speaker and meet up participant.

I’m currently running the Software Engineering department at an ambitious start up called Capstone Metering. We’re solving problems in the municipal space with micro-controllers and modern philosophies. I try to echo a lot of the things we’ve stumbled upon in this blog and share them with the world around us. After all, if we learn together then we’re all better for it.

Outside of work I have a dog named Peach, enjoy DIY, and home automation projects.

If you’re a start up, technology company that’s pushing boundaries, or an educational entity I’d love to work with you!